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October 26 2017

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make me choosejedi or sith (asked by theladyhawke)

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CREEP. - spooky covers. and I know it’s true, that visions are seldom all they seem.

stand by me (ben e. king cover) - mona
everybody wants to rule the world (tears for fears cover) - lorde
devil town (daniel johnston cover) - bright eyes
all along the watchtower (bob dylan cover) - bear mccreary
bad moon rising (creedence clearwater revival cover) - mourning ritual
imagine (beatles cover) - a perfect circle
creep (radiohead cover) - scala & kolancy brothers
love is blindness (u2 cover) - jack white
once upon a dream (disney cover) - lana del rey
all you need is love (beatles cover) - the flaming lips
anyone’s ghost (the national cover) - silver swans
the man who sold the world (david bowie cover) - nirvana
feeling good (nina simone cover) - muse
hurt (nine inch nails cover) - johnny cash

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October 25 2017

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—When you have the shot, you take the shot. 

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Name’s Avitus Rix. Sorry if my methods seem extreme. Civilian life is… trying.

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My heart

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He’s already lost count of how many times he had run.

Theme “Run” for the 11th day of Inktober. Tired and hurt Jesse McCree ruminates on the path he’s taken. Takes place sometimes before the recall, I think.

October 24 2017

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Since I drew Feyre, I might as well draw Rhys, right? XD

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“And every day that raven comes to visit.”

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Lady Keyleth of the fabled Vox Machina

The Voice of the Tempest 

Headmaster of the Air Ashari

Hero of Exandria

Keyleth in her prime as The Voice of the Tempest

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some x6 doodles cause i love him and he had to be with the institute assholes 

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Fallout 4 locations
     ↳ Goodneighbor
        “Goodneighbor’s of the people, for the people, you feel me? Everyone’s welcome.”

October 23 2017

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Dragon Symmetra.

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One(?) gifset per episode || 28 The Sun Tree

[Vox Machina] under the guise of Scanlan’s Seeming illusion, appeared to be as common folk as the rest of the poor saps that still live in Whitestone. They (…) also managed to come across a central portion of Whitestone’s city structure and history known as the Sun Tree. A tree once risen to the might of the sun god Pelor, now lies dead in the center of town, and from it hung eight figures that appeared to have been individuals killed, hung, and painted up and dressed to resemble Vox Machina, as essentially a warning or a welcome; it’s hard to tell when it comes to the Briarwoods. Nevertheless, a message was definitely delivered.

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Connor Kenway: A Summary

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The wolf

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When this is over, I’m going to be waiting for you. You’d better show up.

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